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Camping Sosul

Sosul is a family camp that includes up to fifty tent sites as well as dozens of accommodation units for camping trailers, caravans and campers.
It is located in Sombor, next to the EuroVelo6 international biking route, only 200m away from the Great Bačka Canal and 3 km from the city center.

Sosul offers many possibilities to his guests:
a fully equipped kitchen where they can eat and serve coffee, tea, and other culinary delicacies, sanitary knots with showers, washing machine, Wi-Fi, mobile phone and tablet charging, renting bicycles, and so on. The rustically decorated reception area has several multilingual handbooks on tourism, camps, the town of Sombor and our guests can use it for socializing, card games, reading …
In front of the reception, there is a multifunctional terrace – in the warm summer months it represents the sunshade and in case of stormy weather it is a shelter from the rain.
The specialty of Sosul, in addition to peace and quiet, is a possibility to use a tennis court, a saltwater pool, a small gym and swings for children.
The camp is completely fenced, illuminated, has video surveillance, car park and covered storage space for bicycles and motorcycles.
In addition to washing the vehicle, in the event of an emergency, we can also provide a repair of vehicles in the shops Sosul cooperates with.

For campers who want to taste the magic of camping and are not in the mood to sleep in a tent, there is a possibility of renting wooden huts that are fully equipped as apartments with four of five beds.

Only 700 m from Sosul is the best restaurant of traditional cuisine, which is located next to the mentioned Great Bačka Canal. There are also various shops near the camp. The nearest mini market and bakery are 1 km away, and supermarkets chains are 2 km from the campsite.

Sosul has got a great love for animals. Pets are always more than welcome!

About Sombor

About Sombor

Sombor, one of the most beautiful cities in Serbia, is known for its churches, galleries, museums, city hall, authentic theatre, library.
It represents a treasure trove of the architecture of different styles and unusual greenery.
Sombor is the city of artists like Milan Konjović, Veljko Petrović, Laza Kostić, the city of long forgotten horse-drawn carriages. It is well-known for its various traditional farms, restaurants, wine cellars where you can taste different Vojvodina specialities.
Almost all the beauties of our city, can be enjoyed by riding a carriage around the city streets, sailing by boat on a Great Bačka Canal, walking and enjoying the nature – moments that the people of Sombor are proud of.

How to reach us?

Our camp is located on the Sombor-Apatin road.
Previous experience has shown that navigation often leads our campers to the
wrong dirt-road, so our advice is to follow our instructions for better navigation.
If you are coming from the center of Sombor and heading towards Apatin:
-drive along the “Apatinski” road
-when you pass three big billboards on your right on the “Apatinski” road, you will
come to a big intersection with a traffic light where you can turn left or continue
going straight; do not turn left, but KEEP GOING STRAIGHT
-about 180m after traffic lights (i.e. the intersection) on the left side there is a
narrow street into which you should turn (the name of the street is: Venac
Petrove gore)
– turn into the indicated street and drive straight for another 700m
Welcome to Camp Sosul!
If you are coming from Apatin:
– after entering Sombor drive straight until you come across the bridge
– when you cross the bridge, drive for the next 230m, then turn right
into a small, tucked-away street (the name of the street is: Venac
Petrove gore)
– after turning into the street, drive straight for another 700m
*So: don’t drive to the intersection and NEVER TURN RIGHT at the
Welcome to Camp Sosul

We hope that we were helpful.

We are waiting for you!

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